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Four Years

Four Years

Four years ago, I sat in a coffee shop.  I was nervous as could be (and I don't get nervous).  I kept thinking, "Please don't make me shake your hand.  My palms are so sweaty."  I'd had numerous interviews with Fortune 500 companies, and this had never been this anxious.  

This cute redhead walked up to my table, and giggled hello.  I stumbled through my introduction, and then told her that I'd brought a sample of my work for her to see. Slowly I pulled my chevron bag (with a big ol' bow on it), out of my tote and set it on the table.  All of my years of 4-H judging should have prepared me for this, but jeez, I thought she'd hate it.  Then I realized she just kept smiling, and nodding yes, and saying "put whatever you want in the shop."  

And that's how we began.  A nervous maker and a sweet soft spoken red head with a vision for a happy little shop.  



It's funny, I don't celebrate the anniversary of my own shop, but I get weepy each year on Best of What's Around's birthday.  For me, that marked that beginning of what would become my full-time pride and joy.  Danie took a chance on me when I had no idea how to setup a display.  When I was insecure about my creations.  When I still referred to my business as a hobby.  

Four years have passed.  I've found myself professionally.  I've found my biggest cheerleaders.  I've found the 3 girls who feel like the sisters I never had.  I've tackled the biggest events.  I've run a successful online business.  I've built a website.  I've opened my own brick and mortar.  I get to help women and girls feel beautiful each day.  

And it all started with Best of What's Around, and a coffee shop, and a nervous girl, and a sweet red head.   

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