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The BEST Lip Color

The BEST Lip Color

I've always heard my mom tell me "you need a little lip color".  A chronic chapstick user, I had no patience for faded lipstick, so I've never worn much of it.  A friend kept recommending that I tried LipSense, a product that claimed to be long wearing and smudge proof.

One day and I was hooked.  This stuff stays put...period.  And it's GREAT for your skin.  The Glossy Gloss that you purchase and use over your lip color has all sorts of lovely moisturizers that your skin loves.  

See, no more lipstick on your coffee cup!

And this animal lover super loves that LipSense is cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, and wax free.  

I am so excited to share a product that I love. It's always my goal that customers leave the shop with a smile and feeling beautiful.  No one should need makeup to feel gorgeous, but it's certainly fun to play with sometimes!  

Feel free to stop in and try a sample.  I love playing makeup with customers!  Not a local?  I am happy to ship too!



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